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I would like to thank Better Day Givings and Stacey for her time and love for blessing me with a perfect wig with color just for me.  Stacey met me at two wig shops, but did not rush me and showed me so much love and patience in choosing a nice wig.  She gave me another location in the city and it was there that I found Brenda my new friend and hair piece.  I lost my hair doing Chemo and never found a wig that I truly felt was me.  Most places take one into a room with old wigs in a plastic bucket.  But it was a “Better Day” for me to have gone into three beauty wig shops to shop for a new wig.  Stacey drove to the city and purchased my chosen wig and drove it to my home in a nice gift bag with shampoo and conditioner.  I'm happy. We go through so much as patients in Chemo, hospitals, doctors appointments, and being the forgotten from family and friends.  Having love from Better Day Givings was a day that I will never forget.  Thank you and bless you Stacey with many years to grow your organization to bless others.

WWJD you did what Jesus would do.  Love F.

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